Sunday, March 29, 2009

How To Eat Raclette

A little souvenir from France for y'all... A video on how to eat Raclette

The video will look even more appetizing if you watch it in HD full screen and let it load fully before you watch it. Enjoy!


L. said...


j'adore said...

miam miam dixit mary la végétarienne !

jessica said...

Laetitia, we have not met but Addie B. told me to check out your blog. Tu es francaise alors? My husband is from the french speaking part of Switzerland, and he and I just moved to Austin two months ago from there.

i am going to go read your blog now...but I just wanted to say bonjour and i hope we meet at some food event in the near future!it would be nice to speak french here with someone :)