Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 5: La Raclette

La Raclette is - another - typical dish from my region. It's a full meal of melted cheese (raclette cheese), boiled potatoes and regional deli meats: hams, saucissons... The kind of dish that will send you straight to bed because of how heavy it is!
Yesterday was the first time we were able to have dinner with both my brothers and my parents at the same time since we've been back. The weather was cold and snowy - perfect for a raclette!

There's a special machine that we use to melt the cheese: un appareil a raclette. We place it in the middle of the dinner table, plugged in and each person puts a slice of cheese in a little non stick mini pan. The mini pans are then placed under a heater that melts the cheese in less than a minute. It's a very cheap and common thing to have in a French houselhold, especially in my region. I wish I could bring one back to the US (damn you, European plugs).

If you think these photos look delicious, just wait for the video (coming soon)...


L. said...

La raclette!!! Moi aussi j'aimerais ramener l'appareil! Je crois que je ne vais pas me gener, il suffit juste d'acheter l'adaptateur et hop! Il ne faut pas desesperer! Apres, bon, il faut partir en quete de bonne charcuterie et de fromage! Enjoy!

Sandra said...

En lisant ton post, une certaine soirée raclette se rappelle à mon souvenir... (Hiver 96-97 ?) Et toi ? T'en souviens-tu ?

Laetitia said...

L.: oui mais meme avec un adaptateur, ca peut cramer l'appareil.... Crois-moi! Ma mere en a fait les frais.

Sandra: que oui je m'en souviens de cette soirée! J'en ai encore les photos.

jessica said...

you certainly could bring one back! just switch up the plug ends. my husband just snips off the european plug and wires on the american one. costs about 1.20 per plug at home depot and takes a couple minutes :)

je me demande d'ou tu viens (i just realized i should/could use Vous but this is Austin after all..) parce que la raclette est typique certains regions de la suisse aussi.