Monday, November 17, 2008

Meat Pilgrimage to Snow's BBQ

Have you ever eaten BBQ for breakfast? I did, last weekend, at Snow's BBQ, just an hour away from Austin. Juan and I have been on a quest for the best BBQ places in Texas and Snow's had been on the waiting list for quite a while. Snow's opens at 8 am on Saturdays - and Saturday only (hence the "BBQ breakfast") - and closes when everything is sold out.

After a small bowl of cereal (just so we don't starve too much), at the wee hour of 8 am on Saturday, we headed for the town of Lexington, TX to meet our partners in crime, Lauren and Steven. 

It's a drive, and some might think that it's way too early to eat anything, but Juan and I would drive far for good food. Plus it's always an opportunity to discover new places (I love day trips!). There wasn't too much traffic on the way there, but probably more road kills than I had ever seen before! Finally we arrived in the little town of Lexington. We spotted Snow's very quickly as it was the only place with a small concentration of cars parked around. It was 9 am and apart from Lauren and Steven waiting for us inside there were maybe a couple more people. 

We didn't waste any time on ordering our meat: brisket (beef and pork), sausage and ribs. A cup of ice tea in hand, our butcher paper "plates" stacked to the max, we sat down at one of the few large tables inside (it was actually pretty cold on Saturday). I was wondering the night before, how I was going to be able to eat meat that early (especially with how nauseated I've been lately), but honestly I could not resist anymore. 

The verdict: I loved how juicy and tender the pork brisket was. Really. And not to mention the sausages. These were my two favorites. I don't want to start a war here, but my favorite beef brisket still is at Black's BBQ in Lockhart, TX. Period. But Snow's is definitely worth the drive. It was unquestionably one of the best BBQ experiences I had.

Ten minutes into our meat feast, I turned around and saw a huge line of people. It was 9.30 am. The line went all the way to the back of the room, right next to where we were seating. Dozens of other hungry BBQ lovers from all over the country had converged in the same little place. 

My only regret is that I did not try their chicken. Argh! I guess it means I have to go back...

** You can pre-order your meat if you don't want to get there too early, but I personally recommend just getting there at 9 am, and take advantage of the place before the rush.


Steven said...

You say the word and I shall return to have BBQ for breakfast again.

Monica H said...

I've heard really good things about Mann's BBQ in central austin. And if I remember correctly they serve free homemade icecream on Fridays. mmm!