Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Childhood Food

French fries? I don't think so! Doughnuts? Please stop! How about some chips? Ok, now you're talking.

My food tastes have been so odd and random lately - not to mention the aversion;  it's been hard to stand in the kitchen and cook. I don't feel so bad considering, and happy to say the least, but I am nonetheless not spared by the common symptoms of early motherhood. 

I'm not too worried, I have a very healthy appetite and it should be back in no time. In the meantime, I have been thinking a lot about the guilty little snacks I used to have in France when I was little. I like to think (well at least I hope) that everyone has at least one of them. 

I was told repeatedly about my favorite breakfast when I was 6 months-old. Apparently I could gorge on Roquefort cheese early in the morning without a problem. And so my love with cheese started. The butter tartines on fresh bread and crumbled blue cheese on top and what best accompaniment to that than dark chocolate! Oh the idea of it makes me salivate right now! Then my interest shifted from blue cheese to Camembert, and it became a love story, no, an affair. Every day at 5pm, my Mamie (grandma in French) would welcome me from school with a slice of baguette, Camembert, dark chocolate and a glass of Limonade. And I loved it!

Is there a link with pregnancy and hunger for food from our childhood? I wish I could be home right now to enjoy little pleasures like fresh bread and local cheese, and just in general the freshness that reminds me of my Mom's cooking. Of course fresh food is available in Austin too, but the idea of a plate of fresh sauteed "haricots verts" (or green beans) from our garden really tickles my fancies for example. I hope to be able to go home soon and take advantage of all that...

In the meantime I eat healthy (that's when I can eat) and enjoy this wonderful adventure. So patience, my friends, I promise I will be back with some recipes before you know it.

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