Saturday, August 16, 2008

To the left of the Food Pyramid

The taste of foie gras is an acquired taste. At least that's how I feel, as I particularly disliked it as a child (notice I used the past tense?), when it was served every year for Christmas. Unlike regular pâté that you can slather liberally in big pieces on some fresh bread, foie gras is not spread, rather laid as a small piece on a slice of toasted white bread or a somewhat sweet bread like brioche .
One. Small. Bite. At. A. Time.
I sprinkle some fleur de sel over it and wash it down with a Sauternes. And of course, because it's not fatty enough (foie gras in French means "fat liver". You won't find it on the food pyramid. It's off the charts), I also like to spread a very thin layer of good quality butter under the foie gras.

After Juan and I opened the jar of foie gras my brother gave us a few months ago, we had to finish the royal leftovers. And so we did, in an explosion of wonderful flavors.

I made a quick shallot confit by sauteeing shallots in butter until tender and soft. Then I added cider vinegar and fig vinegar, sugar, lots of freshly ground pepper, dried thyme and a pinch of red pepper flakes. I let that simmer for a while. I served it warm, but it’s excellent cold with cheese. After slicing my leftover foie gras and lightly dusting it with flour, I sautéed it quickly on each side. I transferred each slice to a plate and with the duck fat left in the pan, I sautéed a thinly sliced apple, that I also seasoned with lots of freshly ground pepper. I served the foie gras on a warm toasted slice of brioche.

Sounds healthy, doesn't it?

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Lucie said...

Mmm, this picture of fois gras with its toasts... makes me salivate! I must have a boite de foie gras hidden somewhere, maybe time to devour it... little by little... After all, fois gras should be enjoyed anytime of the year, still it remains a very special delicacy only appreciated if prepared in the right way [ie not spread like pate on bread!] GREAT advice!