Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Top 5...

I'm often asked: "so what's your favorite French dish?". And I usually gaze in indecision, eyes wide open, as if I had just been asked what the meaning of life was. Tricky question... There's so much to choose from!  After pondering and some meditation, I decided to break down my thoughts into different food categories over time. So voila, in no particular order,  here's my...

 Top 5 French Comfort Foods:

  1.  Le Gratin Dauphinois: Scalloped potato dish from my region, creamy and absolutely delicious.
  2. La Raclette: a dish of melted cheese, potatoes served with deli meat like saucisson –a type of salami- or ham and cornichons.
  3. A simple salad with butter lettuce and a sharp garlicky vinaigrette served with sautéed new potatoes (the tiny ones).
  4. Le Boeuf aux Carottes: a beef stew with carrots.
  5. A bowl of café au lait, a croissant and a fresh, still warm out of the bakery, crispy tartine of butter.

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