Monday, June 9, 2008

Parlez-vous Barbecue?

My brother David arrived from Paris a few days ago. He had never experienced Texas barbecue before so we took him to Black's barbecue in Lockhart, TX. Now that I've been living in the US for so many years, I realize how much barbecue is a BIG debate in the South. But I had never heard about it prior to that. 

Before, barbecue, for me, simple French girl, brought to mind grilling merguez (oh boy do I like merguez!), chipolatas and brochettes in the backyard. Little did I know that barbecue in the US is a religion!

My hat goes down to the American BBQ expertise, to the juiciness -yet crunchy- smokiness of briskets and ribs! I'm in love! The only thing left to do is convince my parents to build a smoker in their backyard now. 

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