Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Food Find: Love Puppies Brownies

In anticipation of Edible Austin Eat Local Week, here's an awesome food find I'm proud to be the first to blog about...

Like Thanksgiving feast was not enough! After relishing every bite of Juan's aunt's buttermilk pie (whoa! That's a mouthful), I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a local company called Love Puppies Brownies last week. They sent me a box of their brownies; a chocolate lover's dream conjugated in 4 flavors: "Make Mine a Double Chocolate", "Hunka Hunka Burning Love", "Peanut Butter Nutcase" and "You Mocha Me Crazy". 

It was hard enough to just take a few bites to leave some for Juan. And they were that delicious that I had to go pour myself a big glass of milk to go along with it - now that's a stamp of approval in my book! My favorite has to be the Mocha brownie. It smelled heavenly of chocolate and coffee and had a wonderful balanced flavor. Definitely the kind of brownie I crave, on those days where I feel like giving myself up to indulgence!

Special thanks to Joel and Chris for their generous gift. You can call or email them to order some for yourself.

Well, I'm back to my ovens - after many weeks of pregnancy sickness - and preparing a French aperitif recipe for my next post. Stay tuned!


Julian said...

I have had those brownies. They are hard to find, but oh so delicious. I ordered sone for christmas gifts and everyone loves them. Keep up the good work

Charlotte said...

Peanut Butter Nutcase brownies are to die for...just heavenly!

Charlotte said...

Peanut Butter Nutcase Brownies are to die for...they are heavenly ! Char

Jodi said...

They sound great! What ingredients are used? Who are the owners of the company? How much are the brownies? Is there a minimum to order? Are they sold in any local stores? How does text delivery work? Inquiring minds want to know! And if they send me a box, I might even post on MY food blog!

Joel Haro said...

Some quick info and background, I'm a CIA trained cook that grew up in Austin and worked in NYC restaurants. I started a small catering company in Austin four years ago, Pinch Catering.

LovePuppies started as an off shoot of Pinch Catering. My catering jobs became brownie orders. Since the demand for brownies was high I introduced more flavors and developed a brand. I have ceased doing catering jobs and have focused on LovePuppies.

The current LovePuppies flavors are the staples that have been the most popular but I'm constantly playing around with new flavors.

They are not available in stores yet but they are available through the website. I can arrange for Central Austin delivery in the meantime. The website ( is a work in progress, prices, packaging and delivery options will be posted soon. Contact info and links are posted on the site.

Thanks for interest, I would be happy to get you a box.

Joel Haro, LovePuppies

Scarlet said...

I am addicted to the Make Mine A Double Chocolate! The chocolate chips make the consistancy unlike any other brownie I've tasted. I only like dark chocolate and I can tell that this is quality.

Tina said...

I have also tried the Peanut Butter Brownies...They are simply remarkable!!! Warm it up with a cold glass of milk, and well, let the brownie speak for itself…!

Laetitia said...

Yes the peanut butter ones are to die for, I agree. I have kept a piece of the Mocha one from the box.... It's waiting in my kitchen for me to devour when I really crave it. I can't believe I've been able to wait that long!