Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where I'm From

I am from Space Invaders and Pong, from Malabar bubblegum with tattoo and candy necklaces.

I am from linden and plane trees, geranium and vervain.

I am from the home on the hill, overlooking the mountains, from the old restaurant room. 

I am from impromptu Wednesday baking and pretend kitchens, from treehouses and tap dancing.

From my father's stubbornness, and my mother's vivacity.

I am from Jean-Pierre and Ginette, from Bertrand, Carrier and Moret.

I am from the family hotel that my great-grandmother owned and from hard working jobs in factories and farms.

I am from France, from Bouvesse, from the Rhone river and the ruins of a medieval village.

From roasted chicory coffee and saucisson, from homemade preserves and peach wine.

But I am also from Texas, from unbearable heat and never-ending roads, from "y'all" and "fixin' to".

I am from all these places, that's where I am from.


Nicole said...

My favorite post. Well done Letty.

Laetitia said...

Thank you for the compliment Nicole! And you know what I mean when I wrote "the ruins of a medieval village"!