Thursday, July 10, 2008

White Gold

My favorite kind of salt is fleur de sel, which in French means flower of salt. It's not like the regular salt we use. No, believe me, it's better! I might sound a little bit like a food snob here, but the way it brings out the flavors of a dish (sweet or savory) is truly unbelievable and irresistible. 

Now what in the world is Fleur de Sel exactly? Simply, it is the top layer of salt floating at the surface of the salt pond, before it sinks to the bottom. It's hand-harvested in the French region of Brittany, during the Summer. 
Fleur de Sel is not used for cooking but rather as a sel de table (table salt) right before you eat. I absolutely love sprinkling some on a bite of Foie Gras toast. Just thinking about it, I'm salivating (and that's only because we have a block of foie gras waiting for us to be eaten). See! Don't get me started, don't even get me started! It's also fantastic on slices of avocado,  on meat right off the grill , on butter or fresh goat cheese with some fresh bread and radishes, on any vegetable and also don't forget soft boiled eggs (one of my favorite breakfast food). I also use it in my chocolate desserts. 

I can easily buy Fleur de Sel at my grocery store (Central Market) but if you can't find it, you can also order it at William Sonoma.

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