Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amour Toujours

Today celebrates our three-year
wedding anniversary. Juan and I met in 2001 when I was coming to Austin, TX for a year as an exchange student at UT. The relationship that we have built over the years is something I would not change for anything in the world. And marriage has brought us even closer! We listen to each other better, have more respect for each other, work together as real partners in life. I love my life! Juan is my buoy, my beacon and the reason for the better person I have become. 

The bumps on the road, the long months apart to finish college, marriage and life's little challenges, you don't realize until after the facts how much they are a crucial part of love's apprenticeship. They made us stronger, ready and happy to face our future.

I love my husband -so much- and I love our life together!

Here's a picture of us getting married in France. It was taken in my parents' backyard:


The League said...

Happy Anniversary, ya'll. May every year be better.

Lotus Flower said...

Happy Anniversary.

And Cheers!

Stay Happy.